Gretchen Stoll was born and raised in Kansas City, Missouri.  She was the middle child of three and the only daughter of a lawyer and Spanish teacher.  From a very young age she  always had an extraordinary feeling when she was on stage.  The enjoyment from such activities gave her unbelievable courage and confidence.  Being on stage was a completely different sensation in her life, as if her reality took place on the stage.  This was the outlet that allowed her to express anything and everything of who she was as a person.  It also gave her insight into humanity and feeling the humility in each character.    
Her dancing career started at age 4, which is what drew her to a life of performing.  From here she studied tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop, lyrical and contemporary.  At age 8 she entertained crowds with her first musical, The Music Man.  Music was always important.  She knew the affect that it had on her and she watched how it affected others.  Her voice lessons throughout high school and college influenced her to teach herself piano and guitar, which she continues to do.  This was all taking place at the same time as the beginning of a successful modeling career. 
When she was 16 she modeled in New York City under Vision Models.  Living in Manhattan opened her eyes to a greater future she could have.  Among a few of the top clients that she modeled for include Oscar de la Renta, Harry Winston, B Michael, Bell South, Di Modolo, and Macy’s.  She knew by taking the knowledge she had gained from music, dance and modeling she could have a successful acting career, her passion. 
The love she had for other various art forms reflected in her majors at the University of Missouri: History, Art History, and Archeology.  Here she gained an appreciation for the world around her, which shows through in her performances and personal life today.  Through the academia she continued to take voice lessons, theater classes, and dance classes.  It was in college that she discovered her love of ballroom dancing: tango, waltz, foxtrot, Viennese waltz, east-coast swing, rumba, salsa, cha-cha, and samba. 
After graduating she drove to Los Angeles with no contacts and no knowledge of California.  It was her first time to the Eureka state in August 2011.  Since then she has been pursuing her acting and modeling career.  She signed with her first agent in September 2011.  From there she began her acting classes at Clay Banks International Studio.  Her life has changed and progressed in many different fields in the past 4 years.  Her recent return from Europe where she modeled for Stella Models between September and December 2013 was a great accomplishment she had always dreamed of and turned into a reality.  She is currently working with Wunder Models and Bold Artist Management, taking acting classes at Jocelyn Jones Studio, and writing a series of comedic shorts.
Humor is what she loves most.  Naturally very comedic, making people laugh is such a gift and it inspires her to live a happy life.  Gretchen’s hard-work, drive, positive attitude, and talent are sure to get noticed.  This lovely and talented artist is sure to turn heads in the entertainment industry in no time.