The comfortable environment is designed to give a sense of peace when entering the space. We surround you with healing stones, incense, meditative music, candlelight and natural oils for a healing massage. The serene santuary was created to give each person room to relax so they may fully experience the healing affects of reiki. If you cannot make it to Los Angeles, distance healing is offered as well. Do you have a pet who is hurting? Reiki for animals is an effective way to heal any blockages they may be experiencing physically and emotionally, too! As a duo, Stefano and Gretchen offer a special double reiki healing session with both reiki healers working on either side of you. That means double the energy and double the power of the session!

Gretchen is trained in Usui Reiki. She began her reiki technique on animals, mostly pets of family and friends. Eventually, she realized she wanted to give back to people with this healing energy. The affect it had on animals ignited an inspiration to support humans in the same way. Connecting with people and animals is her gift. Let her share it with you!